Brand building & outreach

Learn how to establish your brand in the crypto art space and connect with peers


The advantage with crypto art is that it is a social market for artists of all sorts. Embracing its social nature will allow you to thrive in this space. In a decentralized world without third parties, agencies, and other gatekeepers like in the contemporary art world, artists can now easily promote themselves and their work. It is essential for artists to connect directly with collectors and their peers, while building a recognizable brand that collectors will want to be associated with.
While Instagram is still very popular among artists, most interactions within the crypto art world happen on Twitter, and to a certain degree, Clubhouse.


Twitter has become the business centre of the crypto art industry. Through this platform, collectors are able to connect with artists and artists can build a following.
To be successfull on Twitter, it is recommended to:
  • Actively comment on artist's and collector's threads to become part of the conversation;
  • Connect with like-minded artists who can become your allies and supporters;
  • Promote your bids and sales and build relationships with your existing collectors;
  • Contact collectors who have a collection that matches your style of work.
Even though this method is often underestimated, the exposure provided by collectors and artists that believe in your work will be your best tool to get discovered by new collectors. Posting engaging content will frequently go a long way to helping you grow your brand.
Furthermore, many artists will message collectors in the hopes that they will discover their art and purchase available pieces. Direct messaging can be a useful way to attract the attention of collectors but it has to be done properly to not be dismissed. For example, it’s important as an artist to review a collector’s collection and find similarities with your style. If you are a surrealist artist, try to find collectors who have already collected pieces of that style.
Keep in mind that collectors are human beings before being investors. Personalizing a message with their name and showing that you have taken the time to learn more about them will increase your odds of receiving a reply.
In general, unless solicited, artists should not randomly "shill" their art on every post or to any collector. Collectors like exclusivity, rarity, momentum. If you appear desperate and inconsiderate, you will have a tougher time selling your work.

Twitter Spaces

"Spaces" is a new function on Twitter which allows you to have live audio conversations. Twitter Spaces is a platform widely used by the NFT community, to which many of the top NFT Twitter accounts are using it to boost their cause.
As a creator of a Space, you become the host and you can have a co-host. There are two ways to create a Space: either by long pressing on the Tweet "Compose' icon on your home page and tapping the Spaces icon, or by tapping on your profile image at the top of your timeline. When creating the Space, you can also name it.
Spaces is a public platform where listeners can join, whether they are invited through a link or not. It can support up to 13 speakers simultaneously. Listeners can also request permission to speak and the host can choose whether to accept it or not.
This platform is a good way to get your voice heard and create connections with others. It helps establish a good community where your followers get to interact with you live and you get to know them as well.


Clubhouse has emerged during the pandemic as a leading platform for audio chat, panels, and conference-like events. Every day, dozens of clubhouse chat rooms focus on crypto art and involve some of the top artists and collectors in the space. It has also become a destination for pre-launch and post-launch events, like with the Beeple Christie’s auction for example.
Overall, it is a great platform to learn from major players in the industry and connect with like-minded individuals.


Discord is a group-chatting platform that is home to many crypto art communities. Artists and collectors coordinate communities around common interests, holdings, and more. For example, many artists have created their own Discord community reserved to people either already holding their artworks or interested in acquiring one. It is a great way to have live discussions, connect with like-minded individuals, and even get a direct line of communication with collectors that could be a good fit for your work.

Other tips

Collectors value an artist’s background and audience. It’s important for artists to provide concise bios on their marketplaces’ profiles and to provide links to their various social media profiles, marketplace profiles, and artistic profiles using link solutions like Having a website is also a plus as you are able to present yourself the way you want to, without platform restrictions. Remember that the more collectors can learn about you, the more they’ll be inclined to take a chance with you and your work.
In the eyes of your community, it is also important to be yourself and authentic. You have to show that behind the art, there is an individual with values and convictions. Your identity as an artist matters as much and even more than the artwork itself.