Digital frames

An overview of the top digital frames available on the market

The misconception that you cannot display crypto art on a wall is entirely wrong. While it’s still early, there is already an interesting selection of frames designed specifically to display digital art.


The Meural frames are digital art frames with a dedicated mobile app to manage your art playlist and upload your files. Their size ranges from 13.5” to 29”, and they are more affordable than most other displays, as they do not have TV functionalities. They come with a swivel mount option to allow owners to rotate them easily depending on the artwork they want to display. However, they lack the ability to play soundtracks from artworks.

The Frame by Samsung

The Samsung frames are half TVs, half art displays as they offer an art mode with a customizable frame for jpeg files. Their size ranges from 43” to 75”, and they are the most expensive option on our list because of their TV functionalities. They do come with a mobile app to upload stills, but they do not offer an easy way to create a playlist for mp4 files in TV mode. Rotable mounts are available and they have the advantage of playing sound and allowing you to plug in headphones.


The Blackdove frames are commercial displays equipped with a powerful mobile application to manage your collection. The app has an integrated marketplace, a playlist feature, and allows you to upload crypto art originating from any other marketplace. The display size ranges from 55” to 95” and they can offer custom screens to fit any area. They can play both mp4s and stills, play sounds, and offer options for rotable mounts.

Infinite Objects

The Infinite Objects frames are small displays of 5” to 7”, which are video prints. Users pick one mp4 file they would love to display and the Infinite Object will come with it. There are no mobile apps, no playlist option, no sound. It’s as simple as plugging it in and putting it on your desk or shelf. It’s an affordable way to display one single artwork you love.


Unlike the previously mentioned digital frames, Tokenframe sell their products with cryptocurrency, more specifically Ethereum. This frame is quite simple to set up. Firstly, you have to sign-in in the Tokenframe application using your wallet, then you connect the frame to the WiFi and finally, through the app, you cast your the NFT of your choice on the display. The buyers have a choice between four different frames, to which they are all made of real wood with physical white mat borders. They sell in various sizes and formats, allowing different types of artworks to have their own unique frames.

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