Building relationships with artists

Learn how to connect with artists and gain valuable insights
We’re almost ready to start collecting crypto art, but first, it’s important to remember that art is social and one of the best parts of collecting is to connect with artists. We mentioned in the “Valuing crypto art” section that the artist’s story, inspiration, technique and process are immensely important to consider when valuing an artwork. A collector can search on the web, review an artist’s Behance, ArtStation, or Instagram account, but the best way to truly understand an artist’s work is to engage directly with them.
Artists are like everyone, they welcome interactions with potential collectors and they will respond to most inquiries. The easiest ways to get in touch with artists are through the following apps and Websites:


Twitter is where the magic happens in crypto art. Collectors and artists build their brand and audience there by interacting with each other, sharing new purchases, and providing guidance to their peers. To get in touch with an artist on Twitter, either DM them if their DMs are open, or comment directly on a thread about the piece you are interested in. In most cases, they will get back to you shortly.


Discord is a group-chatting platform that is home to many crypto art communities. Artists and collectors coordinate communities around common interests, holdings, and more. For example, many artists have created their own Discord community reserved to people either already holding their artworks or interested in acquiring one. It's a great way to have live discussions and connect with like-minded individuals, or even to get a direct line of communication with artists you like.


Instagram has always been a destination for artists and art amateurs alike. Most artists have been posting their artworks on Instagram for years while building their audience on the platform. Similarly to Twitter, you can DM artists or comment directly on a post of a piece you are interested in.

Artist’s websites/emails

Artists will usually display their work using a mix of Behance, ArtStation, and their own website. As is common in the art world, they will often make their contact information available on one of those platforms to receive commissions inquiries, so if Twitter and Instagram fails, you can always look for that information.
We also advise you to provide easily accessible links to your various collector profiles using, as it’s important for artists to understand your profile as a collector as well and be able to reach you. Showcasing your collection is a great way to build your reputation as a collector.