Listing schedule strategy

Learn how to time your new mints and maximize your value


As an artist, you want to control your minting schedule carefully to not overflow the market with pieces. Creating scarcity for your work is essential to ensuring growing value for your work and your existing collectors. As we all know, too much offering and not enough demand will rapidly make your market crumble.
Many artists have been creating artworks for years and sit on an extensive portfolio they could mint. Though, it’s wise to only mint your best work and create new pieces that have this new medium in mind. There are only so many collectors in the market today, and only a few who can afford highly valuable pieces.

Managing scarcity

As such, an artist minting every day would see their floor price stagnate or decrease and previous collectors capitulating because no value is being created for their investment. By minting less often, artists can generate FOMO as collectors scramble to get their hands on the limited supply of pieces. If, on the other hand, they know they’ll be able to get a piece any time they want at the same price or lower, they will not be incentivized to make a move.
While there is no one-size-fits-all schedule for minting works, we suggest minting a maximum of once a week and ideally less. It is also useful to not have multiple unsold pieces listed at the same time, hence why it is better to mint only your best work so you are confident it will attract interest from collectors.
Scarcity is not siloed to any given marketplace. While you can experiment with multiple platforms, minting on multiple marketplaces during a short time period has a similar impact to minting multiple pieces on the same marketplace. This will play a role in your acceptance to highly curated platforms like SuperRare.